Tuesday, February 10, 2009

House Hunting Update

Thought I should probably take a moment and let you all in on what's happening with the hunt for a new house ... in short, not much!

You may recall I made an offer on a house that I thought would be perfect for our family of 3 humans + 2 canines. That was over 3 weeks ago ... it'll be 4 on Friday ... and still no word. Because of the legalities of the foreclosure process, there is absolutely no way for me to know anything until I either hear I got it or I didn't. Some days this is extremely frustrating for me, other days I am able to achieve a Zen-like state of tranquility, trusting that what is meant to happen will happen. Today is a Zen day.

In the meantime, I have continued looking at other houses now & again when something catches my eye. You might call it obsessive, the way I watch the online listings, checking 2 or 3 times every day just in case something new pops up in the hours I was away, I prefer to think of it as being thorough.

Yesterday the boys & I went to look at one of interest, but they were less than impressed. Ty just wanted to wait in the car, and Ben kept finding things wrong with the house (he didn't like the family room panelling, he noted that the trim on one kitchen cabinet was slightly crooked. That level of detail.) So I think we will pass on that house (honestly, it was a very nice house but it didn't grab me, either.) And I think I will go back to looking at houses without them along.

I just sent a note to my realtor about another one that I want to see. He's probably getting tired of me, but hey, it's not my fault that the bank is ignoring my offer, thereby giving me all this time to wonder about other houses ...!! I drove by it today before picking the boys up from school, and I still like it (sometimes that's the killer, if the street isn't nice or the house doesn't look as good in person from the exterior.) So I'll let you know .....

Thanks for all your words of encouragement! I appreciate knowing there are people rooting for us out there.


LHBinshi said...

Sigh, I feel for ya. Any showings on your home though? Maybe you just need an offer on your place to make it all fall into place. Good luck!
PS. I like the idea of a foodless house. Much easier to keep the place clean.

anymommy said...

I adore real estate listings. I watch them and we're not even thinking about moving. You're looking, you shouldn't feel the least bit bad about wanting to see everything on the market. Fingers crossed for you.

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