Sunday, February 15, 2009

No word yet so we went to the play

The boys & I went to the matinee performance of The Miracle Worker this afternoon at The History Theater in St. Paul. (Sorry, Matron, that I somehow conveyed to you we were going last night.) It was amazing.

I know the story, have seen the play, had to deal with fidgety kids, but still I cried at the end. I always do, I'm such a sucker.

Matron's daughter, Scarlett, was so darn believable as a blind and deaf child - she simply stole the show. My boys & I talked on the way there about the infamous dining room table scene - arguably the play's most memorable - and we discussed how hard it must be not to give any indication that you know what's coming, performance after performance after performance. She was perfect. I had remembered the climbing all over, but completely forgotten about water being thrown - how can you NOT flinch when you know you are about to be soaked??? She didn't. All without ever focusing on her fellow actors, the audience, or really anything else. Amazing.

We do have one question for you, Matron - what was the yellow food?????

So glad we went! For the rest of you - it runs one more week!

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