Monday, February 16, 2009

Nutritional Weight and Wellness

A few weeks ago, I attended a one-night seminar put on by Nutritional Weight and Wellness. I heard of this group on the radio (where else?) because every Saturday Darlene Kvist, the founder, does a talk show/infomercial on some nutritionally-focused topic, and I really like her style, her matterer-of-factness, her expertise. And I knew (have known) that I really, really need to focus on my health this year, as the extra weight just isn't going any where, and the years are not disappearing from my age, and the heart - well, it needs any help I can give it.

So I signed up for this one-night info session, and am absolutely going to do the 6-week series, as soon as I have 6 weeks to do it in.

The primary focus of everything they teach is based on glucose. Glucose levels affect pretty much everything else in the body, and by controlling glucose, you can head off a pretty hefty list of ailments. So they advocate limiting carbs, especially sugars, watching the origin of fats and proteins, and focusing on fresh, natural, and organic whenever possible. As in non-processed.

Sounds pretty easy. So I am doing it. I am not dieting, nor do I feel like I am dieting, but I am trying to cut out unnecessary carbs, I am trying to buy more organic foods, and I even have the boys on the bandwagon of reading labels and limiting unpronounceable ingredients.

I have more energy, I am less tired, and I have dropped nearly 15 pounds. UNBELIEVABLE. All those things they say will happen? They are happening! Who'd-a-thunk?

I actually have re-discovered something that I think many Americans don't experience on a regular basis ... the feeling of hunger. I mean, I actually wait until I need food to eat it, as opposed to my usual graze-all-day-and-it's-time-for-a-meal-and-I'm-not-hungry-but-I-eat-anyway.

I have done Weight Watchers several times, Atkins several times, and self-designed diets several times. Never worked. Well, they sometimes worked for a while but then the weight eventually all came back. And obviously it's too soon to say if that will happen now, too. But I am definitely going back for that 6-week class. If one evening could motivate me this much, imagine what the whole class will do for me!

And if this sounds good to you, they give a tuition discount if two or more friends sign up together.

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shawn said...

OK, I need more info.. but it sounds good....

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