Monday, March 31, 2008

Superhero Powers

On the radio yesterday they were talking about superhero powers, and which one(s) they would like. As I listened I found myself rejecting many of them, and have been pondering which one I would want ever since.

Read people's minds: Nope, really don't want to know what they are thinking as they look at me or talk to me or work with me. And I do'nt have the self-control to only do it occasionally.

Fly: OK, fun, but really, what use is it? Unless you can carry a full trailer of camping gear and people and everything you need for a vacation.

Be invisible: Again, fun in certain situations, but do I really want to spy on people? Certainly not on the people I know, (TMI!!!) and on people I do'nt know ... I just think the novelty would wear off really, really fast. And I am certainly not the type of person who would use it for illegal gain.

See through walls (and everything else): Um, again, what use is it really? And how distracting to be watching something but also be seeing through it (and where does it end, anyway? If I am sitting on the couch watching TV, I would also see THROUGH the TV, through the wall behind it, through the wall behind that, and so on and so on. How could you focus?)

Super-human strength: OK, so far this one has the most potential, never have to ask for help to open a new jar, be able to pick the car up and put it in that tight parking space, rearrange the furniture without having to empty the bookshelves first, yeah, this one is growing on me.

Invincibility: I worry that this one would be like that disease some kids have (that they always use as a story line on doctor TV shows because it's so sensationalistic - that, and Munchausen by proxy) where they don't feel pain - would I even notice my hand had been cut off? Or does this mean that a saw could go through my arm but it would refuse together as soon as the blade was past? But then again, how often am I in mortal danger, and is it needed for the occasional stubbed toe or paper cut?

Hmm ... so I guess the strength one seems to be it for me. What other powers have I forgotten? Stretchiness like Reed in Fantastic Four or the Mom in The Incredibles? Speed like the kid in Incredibles? Neither of those are of much interest. But perhaps I am not realizing the true advantages to some of these gifts.

What would you pick?


Mama Ava said...

OR...maybe you just don't know enough superheroes and their powers.

How about a shapeshifter that can assume any shape? (Mystique)

How about the ability to instantly heal? (Wolverine)

The ability to teleport yourself instantly (Nightcrawler)

Or walk through solid objects (Kitty Pryde)

Me, I'd settle for the fantastic power of instantly having great hair and a fixed great weight long as you're dreaming.

Mama Ava said...

I mean a fixed weight that I like, not the one nature is sticking me with...

shawn said...

I like that fixed weight thingy.. does the Harry Potter things count as super powers?? Like talking to snakes?? Not that it would be helpful unless you were a child wizard whose parent were killed by some awful being... I know what you mean.. there are downfalls to most of the ones listed.. and that TMI.. for sure on that one. I don't know many super heros.. I guess having a girl makes it hard for me to relate to a lot of them.. would have to think on it more.
I am impressed with the list that Carla listed though!

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