Thursday, March 13, 2008

Now I have so many more blogs to read ...

2008 Weblog Awards winners:
(sorry to not have all the links, you will have to go find the ones that interest you on your own ...)

Best web application for weblogs: Blogger
Best Australian or New Zealand weblog: Reasons You Will Hate Me
Best Asian weblog: Freshly Squeezed
Best African weblog: Dotty Rhino
first off, can I say this is only because they don't read Hillmans' blog?! But secondly, I just visited this one, and I enjoyed it - it's the site of the wildlife refuge started by George Adams, of the "Born Free" Elsa the lioness fame, and it's in Tanzania so that makes me feel like I have proprietary rights over it or something! I recommend it!
Best European weblog: Chocolate & Zucchini
Calandria, you will join me in drooling over this website, I am quite certain. A French woman obsessed with food and cooking, specifically focusing on healthy and organic foods but with a VERY healthy appreciation for chocolate ... I am truly salivating after just one visit, of course that was because one entry (about 3 or 4 down) is about making ice cream from evaporated milk and Nutella - nothing else - which, hey, sounds good to me!
Best Latin American weblog: The Wired Blog
Best Canadian weblog: Attack of the Redneck Mommy Monkey
Best American weblog: Dooce
Best photography of a weblog: I Can Has Cheezburger? (see photo at right ...)
Best art or craft weblog: PostSecret
Best food weblog: The Pioneer Woman Cooks
Best fashion weblog: Go Fug Yourself
Best weblog about music: Said the Gramophone
Best gossip weblog: Dlisted
Best entertainment weblog: Television Without Pity
Best sports weblog: Fat Cyclist
Best weblog about politics: Crooks and Liars
Best computer or technology weblog: Lifehacker
Best topical weblog: I Can Has Cheezburger?
Best GLBT weblog:
Best teen weblog: Sarcastica
Most humorous weblog: Overheard in New York
Best writing of a weblog: Confessions of a Pioneer Woman
Best group weblog: Jezebel
Best community weblog: PostSecret
Best-designed weblog: Dooce
Best-kept secret weblog: So Very Alone
Best new weblog: Jezebel
Lifetime achievement: Heather B. Armstrong
Weblog of the year: Dooce


Mama Ava said...

GREAT. A whole list of ways to fritter away time on the internet...

Karen ~ said...

my point exactly.

Forget about laundry. Now I have to personally evaluate each of these sites to determine whether or not they are truly award-worthy.

My work is NEVER done.

shawn said...

You know SOMEONE needs to make sure that they deserve the award that they have bestowed upon them.. so I guess you will HAVE to do that..
Gee just what I need another list of blogs.. as if I don't have enough already..

Mama Ava said...

fyi, I Can Haz Cheezeburger, SLAYS me. I have no idea why. It's basically people taking funny pics of their cats and then captioning them ala text messaging spelling. I generally have no patience for that kind of stuff, but there's something about the combination (maybe because it' not cutesy) that every few pictures there'll be one that makes me laugh so hard!

shawn said...

I agree with the Mama Ava on the Can I Haz Cheezeburger.. I looked at it and thought the same thing.. there are a few there that just made me laugh out loud..

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