Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What Would Colby Say?!?

from I has a hot dog (thanks, Carla, I was running out of things to look at on the 'net)


shawn said...

That poor dog!!! funny.. but that poor dog!! I am sure that he is thinking, "please don't let any of my friends see me this way!!"

Mama Ava said...

OMG I completely thought of you when I saw this! And not only because of the dog, but because I think they misspelled "doggie" on the caption on the original site.

I actually like clipped poodles, although not that dramatic of a cut (isn't it a show cut?). But--confession time--if I had a poodle, I'd do something on this order just once.

But then, I'd also dye my poodle on holidays--if I had a white one--which I never would. I'm very partial to black dogs for some reason.

But my friend Lisa had her poodles stenciled one Christmas.

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