Tuesday, March 11, 2008

my secret vice

I just learned something about myself. Laundry is my drug of choice. (Well, not a drug really, but doesn't that sound intriguing?)

What I mean is that laundry is what I do when I know I need to be doing something but either don't know or don't want to do what really needs doing. By doing laundry I can justify my inattention to those other things, because I can rightly claim that I am not wasting my time or sitting idle.

Nope, those sheets and towels simply must be washed today! And the work projects, and school assignments, and tax organizing ... well, I'm doing LAUNDRY, for goodness' sake, and that's important, too.

Sigh. We have clean clothes but I still have angst about all those other things.

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Mama Ava said...

But the bigger question is, do you have milk?

I hate laundry. When every single thing is used up and dirty and I have to go out naked...I go out naked and buy more underwear. I hate everything about it.

When I'm avoiding, I clean the kitchen. And by cleaning the kitchen, I mean I go out and buy new colorful baskets and alphabetize the spices and organize the pantry according to food groups or heights or something. Very soothing. Until hubby comes home and says, "so, what did you do all day?" SHEESH.

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