Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Fooling with Reality

I see Google Mail has a new feature. It will let you send an email with a date stamp of a time already passed. And it can make the newly-delivered email look like it's already been opened and read in the recipient's mailbox.

Heh. So when you miss a deadline you can quick send a new email with a retroactive time and make it look already read and then say self-righteously "What do you mean my reply is late? I sent it 6 hours ago and you already opened it!" and the recipient will check his/her inbox and see "whoa, how did I forget about that email? It says it's been here for hours! I must have totally blanked it out." And then that person will beg your forgiveness.

Until they catch on.

Then, how will anyone ever know what is real and what is g-manufactured? Now, Google says you can only utilize this feature 10 times per year. As if. Now that the technology exists, you know it will just be a matter of time (perhaps time already passed) until anyone can use it anytime they want.

Methinks this is a slippery slope, indeed.

1 comment:

shawn said...

so are you going to "use" this feature?? 10 times a year?? too bad I don't use my google mail all that much.. could come in handy...
and I agree.. if the technology is out there, how long before EVERYONE uses it for their own gain??