Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another Knitting Day-brightener

Another fun knitting project completed! I made a set of 3 nesting felted bowls.

Here they are all knitted but not felted yet. Really, they are just hats before you shrink them down. I was talking to my friend Shawn whose daughter has a magic knitting loom (or some such thing, Calandria, isn't that what Lidia has?) And you could make hats with that, out of 100% wool, and then shrink them into a felted bowl, I do believe.

Here I've attempted to make them stand up like they will when done:

And here they are, nesting so cozily, after the transformation:

Finally, sitting out side by side.

It's just so cool to look at them and think "I made those with a long piece of string!"


Knittin' Stampin' Sue said...

simply lovely, my dear - very nice - when do I get one?

shawn said...

Very pretty! They look wonderful.. Love the color combo too! Someone is going to be very lucky to have these!

sskaare said...

I love these bowls!!!
I love stopping by every so often to see what you're blogging!
Take Care!

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