Sunday, February 17, 2008

Yarn, Yarn, YARN

Well, yesterday I once again fell under the spell of the Knitting Queen as she convinced me to attend the Great Knit-Out at the Mall. And let me tell you, it took a lot of work to convince me. I think we wrangled over it for at least 4 seconds and one email exchange.

She actually was volunteering, teaching people to knit. Don't know that I have the patience to do that, but she did get an awfully nice thank-you goodie bag, so I may consider it next year.

I got some fun give-aways - patterns, a few skeins of yarn, some needles, a magazine. And we met a Knitting Author ... Kristin Nicholas, and we both bought her book, had her sign it, and announced we were now her groupies. I don't know what she thought of that ... and I guess two 40-something moms saying they are groupies to a knitter is kinda odd (scary?)! But what I came away with most is that people are weird. I have never met a knitter, one-on-one, that I didn't like. But boy, put them in a group and put that group in a line - and they turn nasty fast!

And the most bizarre thing about it is they stood in long (and I do mean L - O - N - G) lines for a VERY long time .... for nothing. The majority of booths were NOT giving away anything. Yet the people continued to stand in line and growl if you looked like you were looking at a booth over their shoulders without having done your time in the line. Quite by accident I ended up walking around the Mall THE WRONG WAY. I had no malicious intent, I was not trying to slip anyone a fast one. So I approached each booth facing the oncoming line, and I just. do. not. get. it.

Why they all chose to stand in line is beyond me.

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