Sunday, February 03, 2008

Brief Political Foray

A friend just directed me to this YouTube video, created out of / inspired by Barack Obama's speeches.

I am still wavering a bit on which candidate I am backing, but this video was powerful - and I think the message may resonate with you regardless of your candidate and even party choice. I think it captures what the average American is saying in this pre-election period, no matter which candidate you think is best prepared to make it come about.

(and it also shows me how techno-savvy and young-voter-oriented Obama's campaign staff is...)

(and it indicates to me that I am old and out of it, as I only recognized FOR SURE one person and I *think* I knew who two more were ...)

1 comment:

Calandria said...

you know, i thought it was a little on the cheesy side. but i'm voting for obama anyway on tuesday.

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