Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Tattoo

I am SO wanting another tattoo. Only problems are:

1. What should it be a picture (or design) of?

2. Where on my body should it go?

I'm taking suggestions!


shawn said...

where?? hum?? what?? hum??? I know I would love to have another one.. but if I remember right, it sort of hurt.. I must be chicken.. maybe if we went together..???

Mama Ava said...

ok, more details are needed. I have a tatoo and I love it, but I don't think I'd get another. I wanted one at first to get one, but when I think of commemorating something or another design, I just end up saying, "eh". At one point I considered the TZ flag or something on my foot like the Hindu henna patterns (but small) and again, "eh". I figured that if it's meant to be something will jump out at me.

You're wanting one, but still deciding what design and where...which makes me wonder why?

And yes, Shawn, it does hurt. More if you get one on an area where you have less "padding" so one on your hip or bum wouldn't be as painful as one on your ankle, for example. The outlining in black is worse than the coloring. The interesting thing is that when they stop, the pain stops almost instantly, then when they restart, it starts again. Toward the end of mine I was taking a lot of breaks. I had mine recolored before I came to Tanzania (after 10 years) and he used topical lidocaine which made a huge difference!

Going with someone is much better than alone! Hey, we could ALL go this summer! THAT would inspire me...

Calandria said...

I have sometimes wanted a tattoo but I think that's a no-no for Mormons.

Mama Ava said...

This site

gives lots of ideas. I always think something that permanent should reflect something about you. I think you should seriously consider something Norwegian-esque. Like the Irish have the Celtic knots, there are patterns that are distinctly Norwegian.

Mama Ava said...

has some great designs that we see all the time here on Indians and Muslims.

Karen ~ said...

Tattoos are no-nos for Mormons? But there is no caffiene involved!


To be honest, I did not think my first tattoo hurt at all. You can ask the two friends who came with me - it hurt them more to watch than it did for me to get. Really!

So I am not worried about the pain at all. Carla, you just must be a wimp.

It took me 3 years to come up with the design for my first one, so I don't expect this next one to come easily either.

If I haven't done it by summer, we can all go together. Calandria, you can come watch!

shawn said...

Ok, now am I getting another Tat this summer?? then I will have to think of something too.. oh my god.. hum.. and where.. I know they say that you forget your pain like after a kid.. but I only have 1 kid REMEMBER!! I remember that hurt too!!!

Calandria said...

Something Norwegian sounds possibly very cool, or possibly strange and funny in an uncool way.

I'll pass on watching. :-)

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