Monday, February 04, 2008

Prom Fiasco

This just in ... the Hollywood writers' strike is going to ruin Prom 2008.

How, you may ask?

Well, with the writers on strike, the awards ceremonies are in jeopardy. If the awards ceremonies don't happen, there is nothing to televise.

If there is nothing on television, the knock-off dress designers who each year fashion the season's prom selections off of the red carpet favorites have no inspiration.

If the knock-off designers have no inspiration, the young women preparing for the dance of the year then have absolutely nothing to purchase to wear.

You may think that the writers' strike is about television shows and Hollywood disputes, but this proves that it is affecting every family with a teenager in the entire nation. This tragedy is hurting every prom planner. This horrific situation could ruin the whole year for teenage girls.

They just don't realize the harm they are doing ....


shawn said...

How true.. I mean heaven forbid that some girl can't buy a $500-$1000+ dress for a dance because they haven't seen it on the red carpets! What are these writers thinking?? This has to be stopped! This is so unfair to everyone! Especially those young girls! I know it has NOTHING to do with getting what the writers deserve.. Now we have to add in those poor high school girls too.. What is Hollywood coming to??

Calandria said...

It's time for the government to intervene. Else, what will this come to?

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