Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday Morning Check-In

It's Monday. Another weekend over. Another list of plans which didn't go as planned. But it was a good weekend nonetheless ...

1. I cleaned. Not a ton, and really it was more putting things away than actual cleaning (no sponges were wet.) But it made such a difference in how I felt when I walked into the dining room to actually SEE the table, and to actually be able to sit in any of the 6 chairs that I wanted to.

2. I reconnected with a friend and we saw 27 Dresses. Chick-flick, romantic comedy, not gonna win any awards, but fun.

3. I continued a week of healthy eating and the dial on the scale moved a little more to the left :-)

4. I earned some money, working on a project for my Chicago client.

5. I bought yarn and knit a while ... total relaxation and food for my soul!

6. I took the dogs to the dog park. They have been so neglected lately between the extreme cold and my level of busy-ness, they have not had the opportunity to run and run and run for a few weeks. They loved it and my guilt was assuaged.

7. I bought milk. Seriously, this had been a problem for me lately, managing to get to the grocery store before running out and needing such basic staples as milk. So the fact that I remembered - and acted on it - before the boys came back from their dad's was pretty darn good!

Now for what I planned to do but didn't ...

1. Didn't get my financial stuff in order so that I can get my taxes done. (This was my #1 goal for the weekend. I made a small start.)

2. Didn't finish up a work project for a local client that is getting dangerously close to being delinquent (yuck).

3. Didn't change the sheets on the boys' beds. Oh well, they are kids.

4. Didn't excercise. But am continuing to pay my monthly fee to have the right to not exercise at the gym.

Well, 7 goods and 4 bads. Not a horrible ratio, I guess. And Good #3 has me happy this Monday morning!

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shawn said...

must have been a cleaning weekend... hum... way to go on the other "goods"...

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