Saturday, February 09, 2008

Why do people do this?

Recently for one of my jobs I was coordinating a group of high school students who were entering in a talent competition. There were clear rules about age, type of talent, and methods of performance. Very clear rules.

One mom asked me if we could bend the rules for her daughter. Asked me just 36 hours before the competition, too, mind you.

When I apologetically and sincerely replied that although I was pleased at her daughter's interest in our competition, we could not change the rules for her.

So the mother sent me a note saying I had missed something remarkable [by not letting her daughter compete] and that she truly felt sorry for me. And the attitude in the email was just plain snippy.

My first response was to laugh. Then I felt insulted, and wanted to write back to her and say not to waste her time feeling sorry for me, as I surely didn't need it. Then I wanted to add that I felt sorry for her daughter.

What I actually did was delete the email and chalk it up to life's experiences.

But it BUGS me. And obviously I am still thinking about it now, 8 hours later.


shawn said...

OK, I know how you feel, but you have to let it go. I totally understand those people who feel that they are ABOVE the rules that everyone else is playing by. Thus they are teaching their kids that it is ok as well. (Remember grandparent's day??)And society wonders why we have such brats around. What are these kids learning if their parents are willing to cheat, lie and steal to get them what they want? What ever happened to earning something? (oh sorry, now you have me on a rant as well)
If you let it eat at you, she wins. If you let it go, then it proves what we already know, that you are the better person.

Mama Ava said...

My favorite part is the wonderful experience you missed. Honestly, how is it that you are able to carry on with a gaping hole like that in your being?!

I've resigned myself to people like that--and to the fact that it's not an isolated case. I would have been tempted to answer her, agreeing that yes indeed, you are very disappointed at such a missed opportunity...if only they had had their act together, you wouldn't be left so bereft.

(see, I snuck a little rhyme in there to make you smile)

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