Monday, October 20, 2008

Politics Schmolitics

Well, Minnesota has a new reason to be embarrassed at the national level with Michelle Bachman's performance last week.

I didn't pay any attention at all to anything media-related, election-related, or news-related while we were gone, so I have been working hard to catch up. I have been reading a lot about Congresswoman Bachman, and a really lot about McCain's "air quotes" during the debate while discussing women's health.

I have been reading this blog, and this one - both women who have personal stakes and stories surrounding the issues McCain seemingly doesn't want to acknowledge as real. And I have been following a heckuva lot of links around the internet, reading many empassioned opinions, viewpoints, and rants.

And then I read Calandria's aunt's blog - she lives in the Netherlands, and got on the topic of socialism - and then Calandria had a post about socialism - and all that got me remembering living in Norway, which I did a long time ago for a few years - and so then I was reading comments and jumping to more blogs and more websites and on and on and on. And I agree with both Calandria and her aunt. I am absolutely willing to pay more taxes if it helps keep our society running more smoothly, and keeps its citizens healthy and educated. Does that make me a socialist? Does that make me anti-American? Guess it depends on who you ask.

Now I just want to go back on the cruise ship until November 5.

And I *am* voting for Obama, and I *am* scared when I listen to people (or read their words) who believe McCain and Palin are the better options for leadership in our nation, and I *am* doing what I can to try and keep that from happening.

Oh, and I *am* happy that Bachman's opponent has received over $800,000 in donations from across the nation since her television appearance on Friday!

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