Thursday, October 09, 2008

How I spent my Thursday afternoon

Today I really had fun. I went to Northwestern Health Sciences University and registered new voters.

I went with another League of Women Voters volunteer, and in less than two hours we registered 74 people who had either never voted before, or who had moved since their last voting experience.

We heard so many people saying how nice it was to have this service offered, and so many people thanked us for doing it. It was fun talking with them as they signed up, and seeing the enthusiasm in their faces as they thought about exercising that great American right - the VOTE.

It got pretty crowded (we handed out candy, too, which always helps) and at the end we packed up and left, feeling invigorated by being a part of this important process.

Yay us! Yay voters!

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shawn said...

WOW.. that is great.. and you look great by the way!!

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