Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cruise Part 3

Saturday we woke up (with difficulty, given our late night watching Pirates of the Caribbean on the big screen over the swimming pool the night before ... we got to bed around 1:30) and we were ready for a day on the island. Castaway Cay, Disney's private Caribbean island - lush, tropical paradise!

We took our spot on the beach and immediately got our snorkeling equipment. I have never snorkeled before - which I didn't realize until I had the equipment on and it came time to put my face in the water and take a deep breath. Couldn't do it.

Ty gave up on me and went off on his own, but Ben stayed with me and worked with me until I finally dared do it, and then it was pure bliss! I loved it. I started planning a trip where we could go somewhere with good snorkeling, as there really was not much to see here at all.

Later we swam, but it was playing in the sand that was the biggest hit for the boys. Ben buried himself up to his shoulders, and then helped Ty bury himself up to the neck! We got a lot of people standing around us, watching with amusement.

We wandered around the island a bit, saw the ... shoot, what's it's name? not the Black Pearl but the other ship from Pirates ... someone will tell me, I'm sure ... and Ben ran all over the beach trying to take pictures of the birds, without much luck.

Just before we left the beach, the hammocks were finally available to try, and the boys discovered how much fun it is to swing one another - nearly in full rotation - until Ty lost his grip after one mighty push. But it was all fun, he insisted I get a picture, and then in true 2-year old fashion, climbed back in the hammock and said "Again?"
As they played on the hammocks, I looked across the nearly-empty beach, and fell in love with the brightly colored umbrellas, the incredibly blue sky, and the gently-waving palm leaves, and I did not want to leave paradise.

We'll be back.


shawn said...

OK, this part, I knew nothing about.. it rained the day we were there.. but we still had fun.. NOT nearly as much as the 3 of you.. but we did make our own fun..

Mama Ava said...

I love the one of Ty plastered face down in the a cartoon character accident!

It looks absolutely heavenly. I suppose there are those who would say that it's too Disney-fied--that it's too packaged, too slick, too, clean, etc.

My response would be, "Well, no DUH." There are times for authentic cultural experiences, for roughing it, for being independent. And then there's time for a serious Disney fix.

I'm seriously jealous.

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