Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I know I'm taking too much

I am just about done packing for our vacation, and I know I am taking too much - but it's so easy when everything is so little. Swimsuits, shorts and T-shirts. They take up no space at all!

I am resolved NOT to check email or anything else while we are gone, so I will be back Sunday night!

Have fun without me :-)


shawn said...

I am soooo jealous... have I said that before???

Mama Ava said...

I am so doubly jealous...although Shawn's been on one so she knows what she's missing.

sskaare said...

Wise choice ... internet on the ship is expensive, slow and no place to plug in to upload pictures. So, I opted not to sign in either.

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm anxious to hear about it and see pictures!

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