Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Another Political Post

OK, there are about 3 weeks left until election day. So I really am thinking about it just about constantly, which is why I keep writing here about political issues. Or maybe it doesn't seem like I keep writing about politics, because I honestly am working hard to find other things to write about. (which I struggle with a little bit, why do I feel like I need to do that, this is, after all, my blog ... but that's a whole-nother discussion...)


I was just emailed a link to this YouTube video, and did some background research on it after I watched it:

Apparently there was an article in Harper's Bazaar which talked of rumors of Coleman receiving gifts of expensive suits from Nieman Marcus, from a friend of his. It's really not that big of a deal, and no one thought it was that big of a deal (probably not the best idea, but whatever) until a reporter asked Coleman (and his spokesperson) about it, and started getting the response you see in the video. The guy says "the Senator has reported every gift he has ever received" six times in the first 57 seconds. Nine times total in the just-over-three-minutes video clip.

What in the world is up with this?????


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