Monday, October 20, 2008

Cruise Part 1

Well, we left our house in the wee hours of Thursday morning last week for our flight to Orlando. All carry-on because NWA charges $15 for the first checked bag, $25 for the second. Insane.

Anyway, the flight was fine, we were SO excited to get there. Seeing the palm trees, the pelicans and gulls, the OCEAN - from the airport to the bus ride to the port - all was bringing our excitement to a boil! The video on the bus ride which toured the ship and talked about activities was so much fun (gee, someone planned that, ya think?) and when we got there, the only flaw in a perfect experience was it was 1:00, we had been up since 5:30, and we were STARVING.
We got on the boat and immediately went to Parrot Cay for lunch, even before finding our cabin, and we were just amazed - even though we had been warned - at the extent of the buffet. The boys just kept going back for more and more and more. Then found the cabin, and explored the ship, and got ready for the pre-departure lifeboat drill. During the drill it all seemed like a game, but late that night I was walking outside on the deck by myself and it kind of freaked me out, that we were on a boat, travelling REALLY FAST, in the deep dark ocean.

By dinner time we had explored the ship pretty thoroughly, and were starting to feel a titch queasy, so the boys took some dramamine and I put on my wrist bands (the boys thought they looked too nerdy) and that took care of it for us all.

After dinner we found the QuarterMasters Arcade, and the boys spent a bit of time there ...
We all slept well the first night - the position of our cabin (right in the exact middle of the boat) made the motion as minimal as possible, just enough to lull us to sleep. The beds were comfortable and our energy was depleted - I don't think any of us even rolled over once!

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shawn said...

glad to know that the Seabands worked for you.. Yup they look dorky, but they work.. that was all that mattered to me... AND... did you look to make sure there were enough life boats?? That was one of the first things I did as I walked around the ship.. WHICH was wonderful!! By the way.. did I tell you I was jealous???

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