Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Knittin' Time!

Just found a new knitter-blog, and she had a pic of this hat here ... inspiring enough to make me say to myself 'oooooooooo! I need to make that one!!!' The blog actually hasn't been updated since April, but since it's new to me, who cares?

So I went to to find the book it's from (Hats On!) and ordered it with that handy-dandy one-click shopping (dangerous feature, that is) and soon I will be happily knitting hats :-)

Then I will just have to wait until it's cold to wear them all.


shawn said...

so what you have to wait a day to wear it???

Mama Ava said...

You could send one to someone in China.

Karen ~ said...

If anyone in China were to send me their head circumference measurements, that might just happen.

Mama Ava said...

Silly me. I thought these sorts of hats were, oh, I don't know...stretchy.

Excuse me while I go find/buy a tape measure.

lisajoan said...

oooooo... IT'S FABULOUS!!!
I now have knitting envy as I must focus on scrapbooking for G to the detriment of time spent with needles.

Karen ~ said... emailed me this morning to say my book is on its way!!! I can't wait!

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