Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympic Notes

I can't even post the picture here. This link will take you there.

It's not enough that we are seemingly getting 24/7 women's beach volleyball. Now they have cheerleaders.

Eww, eww and more eww.


Mama Ava said...

They have always had cheerleaders. And the music. It's supposed to replicate the beginnings of beach volleyball, which was actually played on the beach, with lots of people (in swimsuits) hanging out.

New friends went to the beach volleyball games. The first 2 games were US teams and the 3rd was the Chinese team. An American announcer (with Chinese translators) used the first 2 games to teach the crowd how to cheer and do the wave--all learning the "true" culture of American beach volleyball!

Karen ~ said...

OK, you have made it slightly more palatable. But I still am not a fan of it.

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