Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hillmans Arrived!

I just spent some time instant messaging with Carla, they have arrived safely and are starting to unpack and explore their new neighborhood. Folks from the school have brought over all the necessities to make do until their belongings arrive, and other than the weather -- terrifically hot and humid -- all is going great!

I am having such fun watching the Olympics, knowing the Hillmans are right there (somewhere) in Beijing, too! I am planning on visiting them while they are there, so it's really nice to get to see so much of their new home right here on my television.

Carla said she would blog and post pictures ASAP. For now I am just so happy to have heard that they made it safely!

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shawn said...

Thanks for the update.. and with all that is happening in Beijing, I am glad to know that they are safe and sound in their new location!

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