Friday, August 08, 2008

Hillmans on the MOVE!

Right this very minute, the Hillman family is on an airplane heading to Beijing. They left Minnesota this morning, had a brief layover in Chicago, and now are en route to the far East. It was so terrific to have them here this summer, and it was not as hard to say goodbye this time as it was when they left for Tanzania - probably because they will be back here more often on home leave over the next three years.

I expect it will be a while before Carla starts blogging again from their new home. They arrive on Saturday, have Sunday to start settling (living out of suitcases as their shipment of belongings won't arrive for 8-10 weeks) and then Monday morning Mark starts work. A week later Carla starts her job, and the kids start school.

They have an apartment already (or townhouse, maybe?) which is just a short walk from a grocery store which stocks a lot of American foods. There is also a Domino's and a Starbucks, so they will be able to live on pizza and coffee for the first few days if need be!

I can't wait to read all about their new adventures!

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