Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympic Notes

I was moved to tears while eating lunch today.

And yes, the boys thought I was pretty weird. But they kind of got it, too.

In the men's individual kayak race, the tiny nation of Togo won their very first Olympic medal. Not first for this year. First EVER.

Imagine. Being the athlete - Benjamin Boukpeti - who brings the first medal ever to your homeland. Imagine being in Togo, watching with bated breath. I talked of getting up off my bed to cheer for the US Men's swimming team the other day - but that was the US swimming team, which wins medals ALL. THE. TIME.

This was a historical moment. Ben said "That guy will be a hero at home." Understatement. This guy will be a national treasure. This guy will be the inspiration to athletes from tiny countries all over the world. This guy surely made his mother cry. This guy made THIS mother cry.

I do so love the Olympics.

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