Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Great Minnesota Get-Together, Day 1

Yesterday the boys & I went to the State Fair for Round 1 of the fun. We plan on going again on Friday, and I may well go a third time over the weekend while they are with their Dad.

Some of these pictures were taken expressly for my Mom, who is not attending the fair this year for the first time in I don't know how long. So the boar (with his stats) and the mini-donuts are really for her! This lamb was born early yesterday morning, she was one of triplets born to her mom, and they were featured on the KARE-11 6:00 news last night!
These baby pigs were just a few hours old, too. I could have stayed a lot longer in the Miracle of Birth Center but the boys don't care for the "freshness" of the births ... so they dragged me out!

One of the main reasons we went to the Fair yesterday is that the Jefferson Marching Band was playing ... my alma mater! They led the 2:00 parade with the same drum cadences, music, and enthusiasm that I remember from my time in the band 30 years ago. (am I *really* that old??? Yikes.)One of Ben's good friends is in the band this year. Here he is!
And here is that ol' fat pig. Or, I guess, Boar is his proper name.
Does he look like a "Squeaky" to you?

Tom Thumb Donuts ... ahh, a Fair staple. We did think they had decreased in quality a titch since last year. Will probably have to try them again on Friday to make sure we didn't just get an aberrant bag.
After the parade we joined the marcher and his family, plus my nephew Conor (who works at the 'All you can drink MILK' booth) and wandered the streets.
Great fun was had by all!


shawn said...

Was that ROTH?? OMG.. I didn't know he could be in the band... wow oh wow!!
I am, after 8 years going tomorrow to the fair.. (guilted into it by Hannah who swears that she has NEVER been to the fair.. ok, she was 3 last time she was there..)
I don't think I will do the all you can drink milk.. ICK!!
Not sure about the mini donuts..
AND, I was told I HAVE to go to the birthing center place!!
Any other advice to the fair newbie?? (no other way to put it since I have only been there maybe 5 times since moving to MN)

shawn said...

ALSO.. Your blog has been nominated.. check out my blog to see the details!

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