Thursday, August 28, 2008

Am I alone here?

Does anyone else have this problem? And if so, can you give me hints on how to avoid it?

I have been SOOOOOOO good - I get up early every morning and do my WiiFit. I do a combination of yoga, strength, and cardio. I work up a sweat. I feel the burn. It's so great.

Then I go up and shower. Nice, cool shower. Ahhhhhhhh.

Then I get dressed, and start to dry my hair. With a hair dryer. Which makes me so sweaty it's almost as if I didn't shower in the first place. My hair dryer doesn't have a "cool" air option. If I let my hair air dry, it looks goofy. If I get back in the shower to rinse off the sweat I am back at square one.

Tips? Or I am just doomed to be sweaty all summer long?


shawn said...

OH good.. I am not alone.. I just figured I was so out of shape that I sweat no matter what..
No clue as to what to do.. I have been doing the lotus focus as the last thing when I am done.. that helps me relax a little.. and I use to turn the shower up pretty warm, then back to cold right before I get out.. does that help??

Mama Ava said...

No, you are doomed. Which is why I spent so many years with bad hair that could be pulled up into a clip or a pony.

I do the "turn the water down before getting out", too.

Or turn up the aircon.

shawn said...

You could just get your hair cut really short like me.. then you don't have to use the hair dryer at all!!

habilimenteuse said...

me too! I thought that it was because I am a Montanan in Florida. I think that FL has a lot to do with it, but, after a few years here, I learned that as soon as I get out of bed I crank down the AC. That helps.

Mama Ava said...

Ohhh, Habilimenteuse-where in Montana are you from? My husband and I grew up in the Flathead Valley.

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