Friday, July 25, 2008

Tigger or Eyeore

I just heard on the radio that Randy Pausch died today. He's the author of The Last Lecture, the professor who became a world-wide celebrity based on the way he chose to handle his diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.
I just went on YouTube and re-listened to his lecture, and have tears in my eyes knowing that even as I see him sharing his wisdom on my computer, his family is saying goodbye to him today.
His views on life, choices, and attitude are worth spending time reflecting on. But it really can be boiled down to one question he asks near the end of his lecture. He says you have to decide how you are going to live your life: as a Tigger, or as an Eyeore.
Love it.
At the end of the lecture I thought to myself "this is one truly great man." And now I am going to be more Tigger-like.

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shawn said...

I have the book, it is really good. I had read the article that he passed away.. It is sad that someone that "lived like he was dying" had to pass away. His message is one that everyone should abid by.