Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Night Lights

Greetings from the Great "Up North"! The boys, dogs & I arrived here (my folks') around 8:30 tonight. At 8:30:05 the heavens opened and we were soaked to the skin just running the 20 feet from the car to the front door. The "lights" we are seeing here are magnificent bolts of lightning over Lake Superior. Tonight, very aptly named.
This follows our excitement yesterday when a violent yet brief storm swept through Bloomington, and our power went out. For 24 hours. Just long enough for us to be miserable and for the refrigerator to completely warm up.

But we got our freezer contents safely to a friend's house so all would stay frozen, and we emptied the refrigerator, and then left town. Just another day in the life of this suburban housewife.

Sunday I deliver Ben to Boy Scout Camp. Six months ago when I signed up to stay in the tent with him for a week it sounded like a grand adventure. With two days' worth of nasty storms, it's not sounding quite so good to me right now. I will be taking close note of which hotel is closest to the camp ground, just in case.

Hopefully tomorrow will be sunny and beautiful.

It is July, after all.


Mama Ava said...

Nope. I will not point out that 24 hours is not that long to go without electricity. Or that food in your fridge can probably go 2 days before it goes over, esp. if you practice refrigerator maintenance and only open the door when you absolutely have to.

But I'm totally with you on the camping in the rain thing. I'm hiking tomorrow on trails that will be completely snow-covered.

I hope the bears have managed to find food before they find us.

shawn said...

I would have NEVER EVER EVER signed up to spend 2 days in a tent.. My idea of camping.. is a cabin.. and that is about all.. those bugs.. ick.. and by the way.. more storms last night here too!

Calandria said...

Gosh, I was going to write that being without power for 24 hrs really sucks. But then I read Miss Mama Ava's comment. We were without power for 6 hrs from the storm, but the entire day, more or less, before that too because of a fuse box problem.

Have fun camping! ;-)