Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Today the boys & I were out running errands and, on a whim, stopped at the Mall so Ben could check out Legoland for what's new. When we got there, we decided to walk around for a while - using the pedometer to make it feel like exercise - and we walked past the store "Game Stop." I glanced at the name above the door and for some bizarre reason read it as "Canine Soup." I know, not even close. But it made me giggle, and when the boys asked me what I was laughing at I stopped to explain, and somewhere in that 2 minutes we were standing I got the urge to go in and say to the sales clerk (who looked to be about 14) "I don't suppose there is ANY chance you have a Wii Fit, right?" ... and being the realist I am, I started to walk away before he even answered ... because when he said YES, I about fainted!

So there we were, in the middle of the Mall, and I could not stop grinning and saying "WE HAVE A WII FIT!!!!!" Over and over. The boys begged me to stop.

So. Came home and tried it out. Ty went first, being the Wii champion he is. The body testing was not pleasant. It weighs you, did you know that? And then it asks your height and your birth date. Then it tells you the bad news. Both Ty & I are NOT in the "good health" category, and both of us have body ages above our real ones.

But ok, that's why we bought it.

We made the rule - well, *I* made the rule - that NO ONE, and that means NO ONE, is allowed to talk about what they see on the Wii. What happens on the Wii stays on the Wii.

Anyway, both Ty & I did about a half-hour's exploratory playing-slash-exercising with it, and you know what? It felt good. Like a good workout, fun, and worthy of feeling of accomplishment and pride at the end.

And THAT, really, is why I bought it.


shawn said...

I like that.. what happens on Wii, stays on Wii..
I still don't think it would make me "play" on/with our Wii.. But keep me informed on what the progress is...

Dawn said...

Did you do the Yoga thing and all that? Was it more for the kid than the adult? Was it worth the money and the time??? Sounds like a good idea if you could find it..