Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Afraid of heights, are you?

Here is the fire tower at the camp. It's 100 feet high (134 steps but who's counting?) and it shakes in the wind.

Part of the information our guide gave us was how deep the cement foundation it is secured in goes. Seems that is a common question.

And here we are at the top!


shawn said...

I am scared of heights.. and I am impressed that you climbed all the steps.. way to go!!

Mama Ava said...

hee hee One of you is looks very excited...the other, mostly tired!

Once we climbed up one of these and I was bothered by the height thing. Apparently more than I realized...the next day I couldn't walk without enormous pain. I clenched up sooo much on the way down I must've pulled every muscle was practically crippled for the next couple days!