Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another Book

When I was up at my folks', I borrowed a Wallace Stegner novel I hadn't read before (really!) - and it started out with a Norwegian character in Minnesota, so I thought 'fer shure' I would love it. I have read other Stegner books and enjoyed them greatly, but this one, Big Rock Candy Mountain, just did not draw me in, and in the end I read about a third of it and then skipped to the last chapter, and even that really didn't interest me.

I just discovered that the book is supposed to be autobiographical, which makes it slightly more interesting, but not enough to go back and actually read the whole thing.

Quite the disappointment.


shawn said...
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Dawn said...

What a letdown after investing all that time.....It's a disappointment when they aren't what you were hoping for..