Saturday, September 29, 2007

SMART Habits update

Well, Calandria posted today on her SMART habits which made it painfully clear to me that I have not been following through on my own. Let's see if I even remember them. Umm ....

First one, I think, was something about food? And then didn't I say something about organization? Oh my, I am pathetic. Hey, Ben & I did go to an organic co-op yesterday and bought some groceries, I think I get points for that. And I finally did a H--U--G--E task for Hillmans that I have been dragging my feet on since February, so I think that gives me points, too. Since I don't really remember what my habits were supposed to be, it certainly seems acceptable to me to give myself points for things that might have fit the categories.

OK, SMART Habit of this week: Re-read what I wrote before, and see if I can actually DO those things. And then I am actually adding a third habit for this week - I stole the idea from Calandria - I am going to hug my boys daily ('unexpected hugs' as Ty calls them) and make sure to say "I love you." Honestly I think this one will be a no-brainer as I am already doing this 99% of our days ... so it will be nice to have ONE SMART habit I excel at!

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Calandria said...

The hugs goal has been a big hit here. And I wonder if it isn't going to have farther reaching effects than the other stuff.

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