Tuesday, March 03, 2009

This week in California

Not a whole lot is going on in my life right now, I am just kind of in a holding pattern. Waiting to find out if I get the new house, waiting to find out who will buy my townhouse. There is no news on either front; I will certainly update here as soon as there is. Thank you for not asking!

Tonight I am going to see the movie "Milk." Sean Penn won best actor for his role as the title character. I am especially excited to see it as this week in California, Prop 8 is being re-looked at, and the California Supreme Court will decide whether or not to hear the case regarding the constitutionality of the vote last fall. Because they had previously determined marriage between any two consenting adults was legal, it is expected that they will open the door for Prop 8 to be rescinded.

Last fall I spent a lot - really a lot - of time thinking about this issue, and really working to read and learn about the positions of those who promote the legal division of which adults can marry and which cannot. I really tried to grasp their arguments and see both sides of the issue.

But you know what? After all that time, despite the fact that there are people I respect who are on the other side of this argument, I just cannot get past the fact that people who oppose gay marriage are saying that they are in favor of legally discriminating against people who have different opinions than they do. I have challenged people to convince me otherwise, but no one has been able to.

So I continue to sign petitions, and send money, to help the cause in California - in hopes that some day soon, any two adult Americans will be able to marry one another, any where in this nation of ours. Freedom will ring.

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Barb said...

Here's the logic I can't get around: this country was founded on the idea that there should be separation between church and state. So, by all means, let the fundamentalists keep gay people from marrying in their churches (and let them answer to their Gods for that. The God *I* know rejoices wherever love is found.)

But if you take the religious aspect out of the issue of gay marriage, what possible rationale is there for denying people the right to marry each other, regardless of sexual orientation? And THAT'S what our government is doing--how is that not unconstitutional? Am I missing something?