Monday, March 16, 2009

Bizarre Mystery???

Somehow I seem to have gotten subscribed to the magazine Bazaar.

Clueless as to how this may have happened.

I don't even like this type of magazine. I have never looked at a Bazaar in my life. I don't even bring them into the house because of the perfume sample inserts.

Anyone have any ideas where this might have come from??? Anyone want them???


Mama Ava said...

I'll take 'em, perfume samples and all. That's how desperate I am for a magazine.

Jeannie said...

Can't say I've ever opened one of these to know if it's good or bad!

Any moving plans yet?

Peace and Luv,

Dawn said...

We got subscriptions to a bunch of different ones through our credit card. We get points or something and never use them so we end up with magazines....I think my hubby has 3 golf mags he is getting because of them...

Barb said...

The same thing happened to us. I hate it and it's not the sort of magazine I want my girls exposed to, given the emphasis on ultra skinny, scantily dressed supermodels in stupid shoes.

Naturally, my daughter Ana has adopted it as her very own. Kill me.