Saturday, March 28, 2009

Housing Depression

Harrumph. Apparently I am not updating my blog frequently enough for some. Well, I guess that's a valid complaint, it has been quite a while. For whatever reason, I am just not feeling "in to" blogging these days - there have been times in the past when I have written more than once a day, so I guess now I am feeling the reverse of that. Sorry, my enthusiasm will probably return eventually.

Anyway, perhaps a large part of why I haven't been writing is due to my housing woes. Four houses. Four offers. And still no house. The first house I was outbid on, that was quick and easy. The second house is the one in the perfect location and weird owners - who accepted my offer but refused to do their legal duty to get the house into foreclosure so that I (or anyone) could buy it. My offer is still sitting on the table for that house, but a few days ago the house went off the market, and we are unable to determine why. The third house is the one with all the inspection-revealed issues and the uncompromising owners which I walked away from. Then, the fourth one - the one which has been empty for 2 years, the one which I said "the only reason I would walk from this house is if, when they turn the water back on, all the pipes burst" .... you got it, they turned the water back on and all the pipes burst. This just happened a couple of days ago. The listing agent here (in Minneapolis) is supposed to be talking to the bank which owns the property (located in Chicago) to see what their response is, but I don't expect anything as they have been clear in the listing as an "as is" property. But who knows - if they can make me a good offer, they won't have to start completely over.

But then this suddenly becomes a bigger job than I was thinking of. And I am not sure I am ready to take that on.

And please, don't even ask me about the sale of my townhouse. Because then I would be forced to say there is NOTHING happening, and then I might have to hurt you.

So this is the type of thing occupying my mind, keeping me from blogging.



Jeannie said...

When is that trip to Mexico? I think that is just what you need right now - leave the housing thing behind for awhile and have some relaxing fun!

Peace and Luv,

shawn said...

Well, the good thing is that the town house hasn't sold and you don't need to be out of it any time soon.. so you won't be homeless.. but I know I would NEVER let that happen to you..
I know that there is a house out there for you... waiting for you to be it's proud new owner!!!

Calandria said...

That sounds very frustrating. I can't believe the pipes burst! I'm with Jeannie--you need the trip to Mexico.

Mama Ava said...

Bummer on the house. I know how nice a yard and more space would be. A woman from Moorhead here is looking for a town house in the Cities and I pushed pushed pushed yours, but she finally said she wants something "cooler" (read, Uptown). Hmmph, I thought. Bloomington's puh-lenty cool, sister! :-)

Be patient and the right thing will come along.