Friday, September 22, 2006


Last night was my neighborhood book club. We started the club about two years ago, and really have a fun time getting together to drink wine, eat goodies, and occasionally talk about the book! We are not too strict about actually requiring that you read the book in its entirety to attend the meetings, and we don't get too intellectual in our discussions.

Last night, though, we decided we should talk at least a little about the book, so those who hadn't read it asked for a synopsis. I confidently launched into a description of the characters and plot line, and everyone just stared at me.

Seems I read the wrong book.

This is the book I read.

Savannah Breeze by Mary Kay Andrews.

Not a particularly difficult book or hard read, but a delightful story of a young woman determined to pull her life together after her cheating boyfriend steals everything from her (and did it legally so she had no recourse.)

I enjoyed it a lot, it didn't take long to finish, the storyline was fun and the characters likeable.


This is the book I was supposed to read. Savannah BLUES by Mary Kay Andrews. Easy mistake, right?!? The characters are the same as in the book I read - seems this book came first, and the one I read was the sequel. So now I just have to go back and read what led up to the events in my book, and I will know the whole story.

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