Friday, September 22, 2006

Got my camera back

I got my camera back from its trip to Russia. It had a great time, but was so pleased to be used to take this picture of Ben in his brand new Boy Scout uniform! He joined Scouts a week ago, and left this evening for his first weekend camp out. It's raining, but not too cold, so hopefully all will go well. He was so excited he could hardly contain himself! He has been reading his Scout Handbook all week long - even foregoing electronics time to read some more - and was very ready to go to the camp out. He is quite proud of his uniform and the new equipment he was able to get - a new sleeping bag & mat, a mess kit, a pocket knife, and he inherited Steve's old cooking kit from the days that he was a Scout (and Steve was a member of the same troup, #473, that Ben is in now! Ben was introduced as a "legacy scout.")

I can't wait until Sunday to hear how the weekend went! And as soon as it stops raining, I will take more photos to post here.

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Mark and Carla said...

Good on ya, Ben! Hope things went well. Cameron has loved Scouting since he started. He was a bit jealous of your uniform, since he doesn't have one (yet--we're waiting for him to acquire a few badges first, since he doesn't need to wear one here for any activities). We'll look forward to reading your posts about your weekend.

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