Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ty earns his White Belt

Ty has started Tae Kwon Do this year. It's something he has talked about for a while, and this fall everything lined up properly so that he could start lessons. After less than a month of being a "no-belt" he was able to successfully complete the very first level Tae Kwon Do exam and earn his white belt. I know he was proud of himself, but he didn't come anywhere near the level of pride his mother felt for him!Part of the test for white belt is breaking his first board. Apparently you have to break boards at several levels, each time doing it in a more difficult manner.

The look on his face when he actually broke it in class (this is a re-creation at home!) was so wonderful - I wish there had been some way to capture it at the moment it happened. I hadn't even known he was testing that day, so of course didn't have the camera. It was actually lucky that I even was there watching, as his studio is right across the street from the grocery store, and a Caribou - so I often do other things while he practises!

Tonight when I took these pictures he said "You're gonna put them on the blog, right, Mom?" when I answered with an "of course" he replied with a small sigh, "yeah, that's what moms do when they're proud of their kids."

He's got that right!

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Mark and Carla said...

"yeah, that's what moms do when they're proud of their kids." Is that a testimony to your parenting or WHAT?!

Sometimes they understand just fine.

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