Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Blogger Blues

I'm suffering. My digital camera is in Russia right now, with my parents, and I am amazed at how many times a day I find something I want to take a picture of to post here, and CAN'T. You know if I had the camera I wouldn't be feeling this way, it's one of those "wanting what you can't have" things.

Like our front walkway. I went to the Farmer's Market with a friend and found an absolutely wonderful garden sculpture that I had to buy. It's a duck, made of stone and iron. I named him Francis. He is so way cool, so full of personality, and he NEEDS to have his portrait here on line.

Not today.

Then, in the afternoon, Steve & I went to Bloomington Garden Center and finally started buying some perennials to plant along the walkway. I planted like mad yesterday, and would love to show off the fruits of my labors.

Not today.

Last Tuesday, Ty started Tae Kwon Do. I had such a wonderful time watching him as he bounced around, learned some kicks, did sommersaults, all the while beaming with excitement. We bought him his first uniform, and he looks so gosh-darn cute in it. A picture would surely speak more than 1000 words.

Not today.

The list goes on. And the real rub is, probably by the time my camera is back safe and sound, I will have moved on past thinking of all these things, and they may never get their moments to shine.

Oh well, at least you know I'm thinking of you today!


Mark and Carla said...

Well, at least you know where your camera is and have a decent chance of having it returned...whereas I, on the other hand, well, you know...

Not that I'd take pics of the stuff you and Calandria do so well. I'm terrible at recording the "everyday-ness" of life. Then later I look back and only have shots of vacations.

A Peterson Family Member said...

that way, though, when you are old and senile, you will truly believe you spent your entire life hopping from one vacation to the next - not a bad way to live!

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