Thursday, June 12, 2008

Today's Appreciation

I am kinda getting into this "Today's _________" theme I have going here ....

Today, I am grateful for Keens. I bought a new pair of sandals at REI last weekend, and I love them. I have been having heel pain for the past 6 weeks - bad enough that I cannot walk barefoot at all, anywhere, because it is just too painful to put weight on my heels. I think it's a form of plantar faciitis (though it's definitely not a bone spur), and unfortunately there really isn't a cure, other than analgesics and good shoes.

Well, I started taking Advil and I started wearing my Keens every minute of the day except when I am sleeping, and the pain is almost gone.

As far as I am concerned, IT'S A MIRACLE !


shawn said...

So what color did you get?? And did you get the style that you have linked?? They are cute!! I like the green and the coral colored ones.. but that is me..
I love it when you find something that you like and it works for you.. thanks for sharing!!

Dawn said...

Shawn has convinced me. At this point in life, good shoes are more than worth the money!!