Saturday, June 07, 2008

For Carla

This morning as I was reading the paper I turned on the TV, and ended up on the food network channel where Paula Deen was deep-frying macaroni and cheese.

Really not something I would ever think of on my own. Made me think of Carla who is the only person ever to entice me to eat deep-fried Twinkies on a stick at the state fair. Or maybe it was deep-fried Snickers.

Anyway, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it and just looked up the recipe ... may have to try it while Hillmans are in town. It looks pretty easy ... here is the recipe.

If I do make it I will TRY to remember to take pictures as I do it, instead of my usual photos of the crumbs at the end of the meal.


Mama Ava said...

I don't know what you ate, but I endorse both the fried Twinkies and Snickers.

Oh, let's be honest--I would endorse ANY food that is deep-fried. Honestly.

And while my heart is warmed that you are thinking of me (and I'm planning to thoroughly enjoy eating this at your house), I do have to wonder about the (unintended?) irony of this post following the "I've reduced my blood pressure by doing very healthy things" post.

I would hate to be the undoing of your hard work (although maybe it was me that helped raise it in the first place).

shawn said...

Didn't the state fair have Mac and Cheese on a stick that was deep fried?? Or maybe I was just thinking that it was.. But I seem to remember that you had the deep fried snicker bar...
It looked like some sort of cinnamon roll thing.. I had to go to the link to see that it acutally was a picture of the fried mac and cheese....

Dawn said...

Ok you guys, I think the whole topic is GROSS!! But maybe that is a good thing. Shawn has had me here for 4.5 days and I have had a half dozen jambas and at least as many caribou stops....I have my own calorie demons...I will leave you the deep fried ones!! :)