Sunday, April 27, 2008

Why NOT Kentucky?

Everyone seems to want to know why I want to move to Kentucky. It's because a while ago Calandria blogged about moving there. This was before she decided Barcelona was a good place to live. I remember what she wrote about the rolling hills and small towns and the beauty of the land there.

You can read it here.

And then you can notice, as I did just 2 minutes ago when I went to double-check, that Calandria was talking about Virginia.

Not Kentucky at all.

OK, so maybe I want to move to Virginia now.


Calandria said...

Bwaahahaha! I started reading that and I'm all, "What's she talking about? I never wanted to live in Kentucky."

I've been drooling of Laini Taylor's posts lately of her trip to Chiapas. Here's her blog:

shawn said...

Well both are too far away.. and besides you would miss this wondeful weather that we are having in Minnesota...
And I thought that Calandria wanted to move somewhere more romantic and warm.?.