Sunday, April 27, 2008

New favored show

Well, this weekend has been a very busy one and I finally got to sit and put my feet up around 6:00 tonight ... turned on the TV, nothing really was on but I didn't care, I actually expected to fall asleep so the TV was just a minor player in my evening plans.

Then I ended up on some channel doing a House marathon. Five episodes later I love this show.

Whoops. I just admitted to sitting in front of the TV for 5 hours. Wow, I hadn't even realized that until I started typing now.

Perhaps I ought not to blog this.

I did make supper in that time period, do a load of laundry, welcome the boys back and listen to their stories of the weekend with their dad, and ... umm, I guess that's it.
But this SHOW! Carla has told me about it before but I never had the time or inclination to watch it before. Now I fear I may be hooked. Or maybe I can just say OK, I saw a bunch, now I can ignore it. It ended quite nicely with the cliffhanger resolved, so it's not even like I have to watch to find out what happened next. It could have been episodes from 3 years ago for all I know.

I found myself analyzing the hospital set-up they have there. On the one hand they said at one point they have the best neonatal unit in the state (and I don't know what state they are in.) On the other hand, they apparently have ONE oncologist and the medical director of the whole place has time to examine some guy's hemorrhoids. So I don't know what kind of outfit it really is.

But I still liked it, a lot.


shawn said...

OH, I love this show!! ONE of my favs.. for a couple years.. maybe because House is such an ass.. or maybe because they don't make it look like they solved the problem in 1 shift.. not sure. But I love this show..
The new ads talk about not liking hospitals because of the "prick" and show a needle, then cut to House.. Really funny if you know the show...
Can't wait to talk to you about it.. hee hee hee

Karen ~ said...

And a PS.

I wrote this entry last night just before bed. Went to bed. Slept well. Dreamt of Hugh Laurie.

Yeah, that kind of dream.

Hmmm, guess I really do like this show.

Mama Ava said...

I do love it, too. Now that I'm starting season 3, doesn't change it's format. Sudden illness...very need to kill the patient several times before you finally figure out what's wrong...and then they get to go home the next day. Soon you'll notice that the odds of seizing up in the MRI machine are high, so I'm unlikely to want to have one of those if I find myself at that hospital.

Which, btw, is in New Jersey. I think it's supposed to be connected to Princeton.

I do love House, though. I honestly believe he says what a lot of medical people are thinking when they do office time! And as the show goes on, his personality continues to defy simple explanations. Just the right combination of devastating blue eyes, brains, and issues that could make someone convinced they could be the one that could rescue him. Right up until the point where he would verbally slice and dice them.

Did you know that he has made a career of playing wealthy and/or rather dim-witted English characters? (he is British). Check out Blackadder, Sense and Sensibility, and 101 Dalmations (the Glen Close version).

Dawn said...

All I can say is that in the last few weeks I have fallen in love with JAG, Ryan's Hope, and NCIS. Sometimes those long marathons turn you onto something you might have missed... Speaking of long marathons, in our house the only way to watch 24 is 24 hours of it. Phones off, no visitors, no going out. It works for us..