Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Baby Pictures

Here I am in the ONLY known baby picture in existance of me. I am, alas, the youngest child, and the camera just didn't come out much when I was a wee tot. (Of course, I am only the youngest of two, so I am not sure that my mother's excuse is really that compelling.) Ben just looked at the picture and said "Whoa ... this is from quite a while ago, 'cuz it's in black and white." (which reminds me of Ty's comment a few weeks ago when we were talking about silent movies and he said "are those from the 70's?")

As I work to organize our house, I have a large collection of large moving boxes full of photos and memorabilia. I have great plans to make incredible scrapbooks for each of the boys, and for our family in general. I have each of the boys' "First Year" scrapbooks done, and a couple of random years in the life of our family (maybe 1995 and 1997?) but it will take me weeks ... months ... years? ... to get caught up (and those darn kids keep growing and we keep taking more pictures. Like the 112 from the choir tour last weekend.)

But I believe it is a job worth doing, and once school is done for the summer and I can find a flat surface to spread out on, I hope to really work on the books and make great strides. The few books we do have finished are so much fun to look through and talk about memories and family events. I want the boys to have the books to keep their childhoods alive in their minds, even when they are all grown up.


Mark and Carla said...

No, your mother has no don't get to slide like that until at least the 3rd kid! :-)

What about one of those books that you do online, where you send the pics away and they bind them for you? A yearbook of sorts for each year for each kid. I wish I would have known about that when I was trying to keep scrapbooking for 3 kids. I'm going to do a book like that for each year we are in Tanzania...not for each kid...but they will all have input as to the photo selections and layout so it represents the best of that year. I'll either do just one, or I'll just get multiple copies of the same one so each child has a family record of this part of their lives.

Mark and Carla said...

Btw--did you know you can set you settings on your blog to notify you via email when someone posts a comment? I have that and so I never actually check the blog unless I'm posting myself. I just read comments via email.

shawn said...

At least I am not the only one with no baby pictures.. but I think that I have one.. and "what is a scrapbook".. I am sure that is something that I have never heard of doing for my one and only child..
and besides, I have no artistic qualities...

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