Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ta-Da! The window in Ty's room with all the trim put in place! Steve has been working very hard to get the finishing work done in the basement. Ty's room is pretty much completely done now - well, we still have to put the door back on its hinges, and figure out what to do with all his toys. But other than that, it's perfect!!

Here is Ty lying in his bright orange bed ... nice headboard, eh? I don't know that I could sleep with all that intense color surrounding me but he loves it!

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Mark and Carla said...

Ty, Great room! How cool is it that you rated the first "done" room in your house? You know, that headboard was my mother's, and then it was mine when I was about Ben's age until I went to college, then again when I graduated. I don't know if it's an antique, but it's got history!

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