Saturday, April 15, 2006

National Geographic Presents...

Wild Turkeys right outside our window! It's mating season so the male turkeys are putting on quite the show for the ladies. It's so fun to watch - they strut their stuff and preen around trying to look so big and important, while the ladies just continue eating and wandering around, playing hard-to-get and acting very nonchalant.

These photos are from 6:00 this morning (a time of day I don't see too often) but there were so many of them, and they were so loud, that the dog and I couldn't stay in bed while the dance rituals were happening right outside the windows. The pics are a bit foggy because my windows aren't sparkling clean (imagine that!) but you can certainly get the idea. I am amazed at how big the males can make themselves look. It's almost all show - very little substance under the fancy feathers. Hmmm. Is there any meaning hidden in that?


Calandria said...

That is so cool! My kids are very impressed.

Mark and Carla said...

Way cool! You know we saw some turkeys at the safari lodge up the road the other day. The males were all strutting like that, too, trying to impress the ladies--but when they were ignored, the males would just shove themselves into the hens' faces. Typical.

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