Tuesday, April 18, 2006

More Basement Updates

You might be wondering why we are posting photos of things like windows and doors. This is the bathroom door from the inside ... these are really for the benefit of our friends who moved to Africa before the work was completed, so they can see how nice everything is looking as the final detail work gets done!

The door in question here has been about 3/4 done for nearly 2 years - it is so nice, now, to have it painted, trimmed, and finished! So humor us for showing off the details of our house. This fresh, clean yellow and white bathroom used to be home to what we fondly called the bomb-shelter-shower. It was made of 6-inch thick brick walls that we had a lot of fun tearing down with sledge hammers and a rented jack-hammer. I'll see if I can find some of the "before" pictures to put here for comparison.

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Mark and Carla said...

Well, we in Africa LOVE IT! I never actually got to see it from the inside really, even before or during. But I do like the "after" shots very much!

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