Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Well, I know it has been a while since I posted here ... honestly there really just isn't that much happening in my life right now. I decided I would post a photo of my niece who is graduating from high school in a couple of weeks and wax poetic about how quickly the time has gone, how I remember pacing the hospital waiting area with my parents (trying to give my brother and his wife some privacy but not wanting to be too far away), how Steve - who was a fairly recent boyfriend at the time - brought us all pizza to celebrate (except Mary couldn't eat after her C-Section) ...

But when I went to look for the photo I meant to post, I found this compilation first, and just had to post it instead.

Two of the photos in it are not of men I particularly admire, two are ... but I just decided to post this regardless - because it makes me smile!

Life needs more things that just make you smile.


Calandria said...

You know, I admire two and do not admire so much the other two also. Who are your two? Of course, everyone knows of my love of the George. I also really like Johnny Depp.

Mark and Carla said...

Well, George is just plain great. I like that he's a "confirmed bachelor" rather than playing marriage-go-round. Plus he just exudes that 1950s class ala Cary Grant. In fact Time Magazine recently compared him to a watch that was a family heirloom, lasting and classic, as opposed to a Swatch or costume jewelry, flashy and attention-getting, but wouldn't stand the test of time.

And he used be on The Facts of Life.

As for Hugh, well, I've said enough about him in general. Except to say that he's not only the Wolverine from Xmen, but he also won a Tony on Broadway and can sing and dance like crazy (check out the revival of Oklahoma a few years back with him as Curley). And he's married to a woman older than he is. And he has a daughter named Ava.

He does have the misfortune, however, of being in mostly tepid movies (with the exception of Van Helsing which was just completely awful), unlike Depp and Crowe.

karpete said...

And you said I don't have good taste, Calandria!!! We are in total agreement of our good-looking men, even if our book tastes don't align perfectly!!